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Consensus Statements

The purpose of the NZCOM Consensus Statements are to provide women, midwives and the maternity services with the profession’s position on any given situation. The following is a list of the Consensus Statements currently available to download or a full set can be purchased by contacting the College.

Alcohol and Pregnancy Artificial Rupture of Membranes
Breastfeeding Cervical Screening
Complementary Therapies Cord Blood Banking
Facilitating the Birth of the Placenta Family Violence
Fetal Wellbeing Assesment during Pregnancy
Gestational Diabetes
HIV Screening Immunisation
Infant Feeding in Natural Disasters Informed Consent
Intrapartum Prescribing Laboratory Testing and Screening
Mentoring Midwives Using Ultrasound
Normal Birth Oral Health
Prescribing Prescribing of drugs unapproved for use in Maternity Care or for the Newborn
Roles and Responsibilities Safe Sleeping
Sexually Transmitted Infections The Role of Non-regulated Support People
The use of Water during Labour and Birth Vaginal Birth after Caesarean Section
Vitamin K


The NZCOM has developed guidelines to support best practice in whatever context midwifery care occurs. For every clinical situation a midwife experiences, her decision making will be influenced by the context and the choices and needs of the woman for whom she is providing midwifery care. Therefore these guidelines are intended as guidelines only rather than prescribed inflexible protocols which may not allow for the individual woman’s context. In every given situation there must be opportunity for midwives to use sound judgement, to act with sound rationale and acknowledge the context when making decisions.

The following Guidelines are currently available: