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Student Grants and Subsidised Membership

Subsidised College membership for third year students

The College is offering a $70 subsidy for third year students who have been a paid up member of the College in their second year. All third year students who are eligible for this subsidy will pay a membership fee of $20 on renewal of their student membership in their final year of study. To email membership please click here.

In addition to the subsidised membership, the following grants are available to midwifery students:


Rae Abraham is a midwife of many years experience who is no longer practicing but wishes to show support for the profession.

She has expressed the wish that funds donated to the College by her be used to pay for midwifery students memberships to the College for a year. She prefers the students to be Maori.

If you would like to apply for this fund please email

Midwifery Student Grants

The New Zealand College of Midwives is offering the following grants to assist midwifery students in Bachelor of Midwifery programmes:

  • A grant of $750 for a second year student at each of the four schools of midwifery (four scholarships in total)

  • A grant of $1000 for a third year student at each of the four schools of midwifery (four scholarships in total)

  • A ‘Special Circumstances’ grant of $500 is available to one second or third year student

The Grants Advisory Committee will award the grants

To apply, applicants must:

  • be a College member
  • intend to practise in New Zealand on graduation
  • provide two referees statements/letters:

    i) one from a lecturer at your midwifery school

    ii) one from the local NZCOM regional Chairperson or delegate

  • provide a short statement on how the grant will benefit your studies

Please email your application to

Applications are open 19 March until 25 May and will be advertised in the March Issue of the Midwifery News