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To be eligible to apply you should:

  • Hold a current Annual Practising Certificate with the Midwifery Council of New Zealand with no restrictions which would negatively impact on engaging in post graduate study (not negotiable)

  • Be currently working as either an employed midwife (0.4FTE) or as a Lead Maternity Carer midwife working under Section 88 (with an annual caseload of 10 women or more)

  • Have worked as a midwife within the last 12 months

  • Be a New Zealand citizen or have New Zealand permanent residency (not negotiable)

  • Be planning to undertake the post graduate education in 2017

  • Postgraduate education must be NZQA approved at Level 8 or above

  • Be enrolled in education with one of the following midwifery post graduate education providers: Otago Polytechnic, Victoria University, Waikato Institute of Technology or Auckland University of Technology

  • Not be participating in the Midwifery Complex Care clinical training or as a graduate midwife enrolled in the Midwifery First Year of Practice Programme

Please note that applications which do not meet the automatic eligibility criteria can be considered on a case by case basis.

Study Grant Opportunities

Midwives who are engaged in formal postgraduate education (at Level 8 or above on the NZQA framework) are entitled to apply for a grant towards the cost of their postgraduate study. These grants are funded by Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) and are administered by NZCOM to subsidise the cost of fees and travel (if required).

Please note that this is not the information for Postgraduate Complex Care Education Funding. Please click here for Postgraduate Complex Care Education Funding.

Midwives who are planning to enrol or have enrolled in postgraduate study in 2017 are now eligible to apply. Please note that application for funding is a separate process to academic enrolment. Midwives need to approach the tertiary education providers directly to enrol with them, and need evidence of enrolment or initiating the enrolment process to support their application for a grant. Enrolment deadlines vary between education providers and will differ from the grant application deadline.

Schools offering post-graduate midwifery education:

Auckland University of Technology

Otago Polytechnic

Victoria University of Wellington

Waikato Institute of Technology

Important notes: Midwifery applicants who have completed one or two papers in another discipline will be eligible to have their applications considered if these papers are cross creditable towards a midwifery post graduate qualification. Proof will be required from the education provider that these papers are being undertaken as part of an overall midwifery focused qualification.

Midwives who are undertaking post graduate study in another discipline or related topic (eg. Health management or Public health) or do not meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to contact NZCOM to discuss whether they may be eligible for a grant.

Midwives who have been granted funding from another source towards cost of postgraduate education study that they are applying for HWNZ funding for (for example, from their employer), need to declare the nature and amount of funding or support received. Any funding support received will have to deducted from any HWNZ grant entitlement. NZCOM advises that we are disbursing a finite post graduate budget, therefore cannot guarantee that all applicants will receive funding. We will be priortising applications on a first come first served basis.

Grant applications for 2017, Semesters One and Two are now invited. You are welcome to apply for your full year’s funding in Semester One but payments will not be confirmed until Semester Two and confirmation will be sought that your education is continuing as planned.

There are two opportunities to apply for grants per Semester, depending on when applications are received and when midwives commence study. Please see the table below.

If you are an employed midwife, we advise that you ensure that your employer is aware of your intention to undertake post graduate study in 2017.

Information sheets are available to be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Applications for the first round of Semester One grant are now closed

The additional round of funding applicable to Semester One close on 24 March 2017

Semester One 2017 Application process and funding disbursement timeframe

Date First Semester Two Funding/Application Round
27 January 2017 First Application Round for Semester One 2017 grants closes
3 February 2017 NZCOM provides data for all complete applications to HWNZ
3 February 2017 Midwives notified of application funding approval and payment arrangements
20 February 2017 HWNZ payment disbursed to NZCOM
21 February 2017 NZCOM disburses grant payment either directly to education providers or midwives.
Date Subsequent Semester One Funding/Application Round
24 March 2017 Second Application Round for Semester Two 2017 grants closes
31 March 2017 NZCOM provides data for all complete applications to HWNZ
31 March 2017 Midwives notified of application funding approval and payment arrangements
20 April 2017 HWNZ payment disbursed to NZCOM
21 April 2017 NZCOM disburses grant payment either directly to education providers or midwives.

Information sheet 2017


Any queries may be directed to Carla Martin, NZCOM at or (03) 377 2732

Last updated: 16/11/16