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There are many support groups and information sites available for dads too....

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So if the inherent meaning of Midwife is 'with woman' where does that leave Dads?

The role of the midwife is as a professional companion who promotes each woman's right to make informed choices about her pregnancy, birth experience and early parenthood. A midwife's focus when a couple or family are preparing for the arrival of a baby will be the mother and her unborn child. This does not mean that dads don't matter, on the contrary dads have a vital role in supporting the mother both physically and emotionally before and after the baby is born.

The following article gives some insight into the Midwife and partner relationship.

Why Dads love Midwives - Maria Scott

Midwives aren’t just for mums. They also work closely with fathers throughout pregnancy, birth and into the first few weeks of a child’s life. Click here to read more.