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The New Zealand College of Midwives (the ‘NZCOM’) is an Incorporated Society with charitable status. It is a national membership based organisation, with over 3100 members comprising of midwives (both employed and self employed), consumers and consumer organisations. The NZCOM has a national office (based in Christchurch) and a regional structure of ten committees and five sub committees in smaller provincial centres. To download the NZCOM organisational structure click here.

The College is governed by a board (the ‘National Committee’) comprising a number of nominated and elected representatives from throughout New Zealand. Representatives include rural midwives, urban midwives, educators, students, consumers, Maori midwives and birthing women.

The College’s governance structure allows for extensive networking at regional and national levels, thus ensuring that the New Zealand College of Midwives is responsive to maternity service issues.

The National Committee meets approximately four times per annum. Between meetings, consultation and decision making occurs via formal and informal communication with management. In addition, a separate governance subcommittee (which also includes non National Committee elected representation) provides readily available advice and guidance to management.

The National Committee include regional representatives detailed here as well as the following National representatives:

Kuia Crete Cherrington

Elder: Sue Bree

President: Deb Pittam

Chief Executive: Karen Guilliland

Education Advisor: Mary Kensington

Nga Maia Maori Midwives Aotearoa: Kaniwa Kupenga & Diana Bates

Pasifika: Tish Taihia & Nga Marsters

La Leche League: Trudy Hart

Parents Centres New Zealand Limited: Liz Pearce

Home Birth Aotearoa: Eva Neely

Plunket: Jane MacGeorge

Schools of Midwifery Student Representatives: Alaina Howes & Corinna Gibbons-Lawrie

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