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Objective Four: Advocate for the development and provision of services, policies and programmes that support the improvement of maternity outcomes and health status for women and their families

• NZCOM representation at national regional and local levels in any work that is relevant to maternity care, policy or practice

• Promote and undertake actions which support women with complex medical needs and social contexts to receive high quality maternity care, which is well integrated with other relevant services

• Barriers to accessing midwifery care are minimised

• Promote and undertake actions that support women with complex care needs to receive high quality maternity care

• Work towards Maori and Pasifika women having equal access to maternity care

• Promote a universally consistent understanding of the interface between primary and secondary maternity services

• Promote a smooth interface between primary health services and maternity services to support seamless and effective care for women

• Promote and undertake actions that support midwifery workforce distribution meeting demand for maternity services

• Promote, support and protect breastfeeding

• NZCOM input into development of all relevant national policies and guidelines that will influence practice