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Objective Three: Leads the development and maintenance of a quality assurance framework to improve maternity outcomes for women and families

• Promote and provide an Midwifery Standards Review (MSR) process as an effective means of enhancing the quality of midwifery practise in New Zealand

• Each region of NZCOM has a current Resolutions Committee which is well equipped to support women to resolve any concerns about midwifery care

• MFYP programme provides a robust system of support for new graduate midwives

• Expert Advisors nominated by NZCOM provide consistent expert opinions which reflect the Code of Ethics, and Standards for Practice and utilise up to date knowledge and evidence to inform them

• Maintain, promote and expand NZCOM mentoring model to encompass a greater range of midwives

• Provide midwifery leadership at national, regional and local levels within the Maternity Quality and Safety programme