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Integrated Services

The LMC model of primary maternity care is the cornerstone of the maternity service. All other services fit in around this model so that the woman experiences a seamless maternity service that meets her individual needs, whatever these might be. This model is unique in the world and has been highly successful in New Zealand with women expressing considerable satisfaction with their maternity services.

New Zealand maternity services provide a good example of an integrated health service because LMCs can access any necessary additional services such as obstetric or paediatric services for their clients. Additional services are usually provided as a single episode of care eg. forcep delivery or post-natal consultation. Responsibility for the woman’s care may transfer from one practitioner to another for the time of the episode of care, but the LMC responsibility for coordination of care does not transfer. Occasionally a woman may move completely into the secondary service for her pregnancy and birth care but she will return to the primary service in the post partum period.

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