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The Midwifery Partnership

A Model for Practice (Second Edition) - by Karen Guilliland and Sally Pairman

The model put forward in this monograph represents an important and significant contribution to the development of disciplinary knowledge within midwifery in New Zealand and Internationally.

It describes a theoretical framework (Partnership) for understanding the way midwives in New Zealand work with women during their maternity experience.

New Zealand Model of Partnership

Partnership is a key concept for the midwifery profession. New Zealand midwives work in partnership with the woman and her family in a relationship of trust, shared decision making and responsibility, negotiation and shared understanding. The word midwife means ‘with woman’ and is reflective of the midwife’s role in accompanying the woman on her journey through pregnancy and childbirth into motherhood.

The midwife acknowledges the woman’s autonomy in her own life and respects the decisions she makes for her childbearing experience. The midwife has a responsibility to share all the available information with the woman and to respect her values and beliefs. This includes working with her to involve her chosen family members.

To reflect the partnership with women the New Zealand College of Midwives welcomes individual consumer members as well as affiliated consumer organisations. All College committees have consumer representation to ensure midwifery services remain woman centred. The Partnership model is articulated in a publication The Midwifery Partnership (2nd ed) A Model for Practice by Karen Guilliland and Sally Pairman available from the NZCOM shop.