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NZCOM is the professional body for Midwives in New Zealand. We are a membership organisation providing a voice for midwifery and promoting quality standards. For details of what your membership will cover click here.

To join NZCOM simply complete the membership form on this site and return with payment details. (If paying by cheque you will need to send it to: PO Box 21 106, Edgeware, Christchurch 8143).

Annual Membership fees:

If you are a registered midwife or student midwife

Self employed: $695.00

Self employed (with 25% low earner discount): $521.25

Employed under MECA: $345.00

Employed under MECA (with 25% low earner discount): $258.75

Student 1st year (in 3 year BM course): $54.00

Student 2nd year or 3rd year, (in 3 year BM course): $90.00

Non-Practicing: $54.00

Overseas (any midwife who resides overseas): $65.00

If you are not a midwife or belong to another health profession (e.g. RN or CBE)

Associate-Without Indemnity: $54.00

Associate-With Indemnity: $315.00

Associate-With Indemnity (with 25% low earner discount): $236.25

Affiliate-Organisation (e.g. Parents Centre): $54.00

Consumer-Individual: $30.00

Publications for Non-individuals (e.g. education institutions)
Journal Only (including postage & handling):

Post to NZ $54.00

Post Overseas $65.00 NZD

Selected membership types have payment options available, refer to the membership form for details.