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A practicing midwife who claims from Section 88 or is paid an untaxed fee


A practicing midwife who is employed under the MECA and not claiming from Section 88 and is paid a taxed fee

ASSOCIATE (Individual)

Any person (individual) who is not a registered midwife, but is a member of an allied health profession (ie; a childbirth educator or lactation consultant).


A health professional who is not a registered midwife, who wishes to have indemnity insurance cover with NZCOM (ie; a registered Plunket or neonatal nurse)

LOW EARNER RATE (25% Discount)

Available to Employed, Self-Employed and Associate members with indemnity. Proof of earnings (eg. Tax summary) must be supplied for discount to be considered. This rate is also applied to new graduate midwives in their first year of practice


A student who is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Midwifery course in New Zealand


Any person (individual) who is a consumer of maternity services and is not a registered midwife or allied registered health professional

AFFILIATE (Organisation)

A consumer group or organisation that wishes to receive copies of all the publications put out by the NZCOM (e.g: Plunket, Parent’s Centre)


A midwife who is on maternity leave, not currently employed or who has retired and is not practising midwifery


Any individual member who resides overseas. No indemnity insurance with this membership

JOURNAL ONLY (Educational)

Any educational institution that wishes to receive only a hard copy version of the published NZCOM Annual Journal.