News > BCG Vaccines available again

July 2018

BCG vaccines are now available again.

It is recommended that Midwives resume screening babies for referral to DHB BCG vaccination clinics. However, a catch-up programme for older children who met the criteria over the period the vaccine was unavailable is not recommended.

Neonatal BCG is recommended and funded for infants at increased risk of TB, defined as those who:

  • will be living in a house or family/whānau with a person with either current TB or a history of TB

  • have one or both parents or household members or carers who within the last five years lived for a period of six months or longer in countries with a TB rate ≥40 per 100,000

  • during their first five years will be living for three months or longer in a country with a TB rate ≥40 per 100,000.

A list of high-incidence TB countries (TB rate ≥40 per 100,000) can be found on this link:

For more information please follow this link