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Budget Announcement Disappointing

Media Release 17 May 2018

Budget Announcement Disappointing

Pay Equity and Funding Model Not Addressed

The New Zealand College of Midwives appreciates the funding announced today for Community Midwives however is sounding a word of caution. This will not stop the shortage of midwives.

The 8.9% increase equates to about an additional $200 per woman, for the LMC midwife over 9 mths of care however this will not address the pay equity issue despite an undertaking by the Ministry to do so. Disappointingly the funding model codesigned last year by the Ministry and the College to fix the inequities has not been embraced.

The $103.6m increase is over 4 years which equates to an annual amount of $19m per annum when $27m for population pressures and ultrasound; is accounted for. Additionally, $9m has gone into this financial year to cover cost pressures that hadn’t been budgeted for making it money already spent.

NZCOM Deputy Chief Executive Alison Eddy says “The additional funding for community midwives is of course welcome however the College has been working hard with the Ministry on the new co-design funding model and although we had never expected the entire co-design to be funded in this budget, we are dismayed that it has not been fully embraced,” she says.

Alison Eddy says the College has much to consider and discuss with its members in evaluating today’s announcement and will continue speaking to the Ministry over the coming days and weeks.


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