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International Day of the Midwife- May 5th 2017

Midwives, mothers and families; partners for life.

As you know women have been coming out publically and supporting midwives recently. The support is for all midwives both as core and LMCs. International midwives day is a great opportunity for midwives to respond to this support and demonstrate partnership with women.

Emily Writes (a blogger with a large national following) is calling consumers to attend a morning tea to be held outside on the Parliament lawns at 11am on the 5th May in support of midwives. We encourage everyone in Wellington to go and support these women and families.

In keeping with Emily’s initiative we would encourage every region to do the same.

Find a prominent public place and hold a morning tea invite women, babies and midwives. Tell as many midwives and people as possible, contact women’s group asking them for support. Let the media in the region know your plans.

Use this as an opportunity to highlight the following issues:

  • women and midwives are not valued and this is a gender issue
  • inequitable pay and conditions for midwives reflect this lack of value
  • maternity services are under resourced
  • leading to inadequate midwifery staffing numbers in our maternity hospitals
  • this is impacting on midwives ability to provide the type of care women and babies need
  • midwives and women are increasingly worried about this and are saying they will not accept this lack of priority given to maternity services
  • maternity services have been undervalued and ignored for too long and this cannot continue

Our message is that supporting midwives supports women, mothers and families. Investing in the midwifery workforce and the maternity services is an investment in the well-being of the New Zealand nation now and into the future.

“Support midwives to support women” stickers are available for International Midwives Day at the morning tea and for all members to wear on that day wherever they happen to be. Stickers will be available from your regional chairperson and committees.

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