News > Letter from MOH re: 2.5% increase

2.5% increase to apply to all modules of care provided by LMC midwives

The Ministry of Health has recognised it made an error when it applied the recent increase to Section 88, with only some modules getting the 2.5% increase.

Following feedback from the College the Ministry has now applied this increase to all modules claimed by midwives. Please click here to view the letter.


When will the back pay be happening?

The Ministry have advised them that the backpay will be paid out within three months of the implementation date, ie. 1 May 2017 – this will be on or before 1 August 2017.

Will the back pay be applied to midwives who are no longer practicing but have in the past year?

All midwives who have claimed any Section 88 fees from the MOH between 1 July 2016 and 30 April 2017 are entitled to receive the back pay.

The process for MMPO Members who are actively claiming, as of 2/05/2017, is that the MOH will pay the MMPO who will in turn disburse the correct fee to each individual midwife on receipt of the payment from the MOH. If a midwife is no longer an active MMPO member at any time prior to 2/05/2017, then those midwives will need to liaise with the MOH directly.

I can't see the labour and birth module included in this, am I mistaken?

The modules specified are the modules which were previously omitted. Labour and birth will have the full 2.5% increase