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Historic win for Midwives

The College has withdrawn its court action after the Ministry of Health agreed to its conditions. We now have legally binding certainty that addresses our long-standing concerns about pay equity and working conditions.

For the first time in NZ history LMC midwives can design a funding model for midwifery in its own right i.e. Midwives designing pay structures and working conditions for community LMC midwives. Not since 2007 have midwives been able to influence what they are paid. Now the redesign of pay structures and working conditions will be led by midwives meaning the unique work we do will be recognised and properly remunerated.

Women centred services and continuity of care remain the focus; that is what our work is all about.

For the first time the process for achieving this for community LMC midwives is set by a legally defined process and a timeline of approximately one year to finish.

For the first time midwives funding negotiations will be legally bound by a set of comprehensive pay equity principles.

For the first time if the MOH fails to meet these agreements the profession has grounds to re open the court proceedings.

Other wins include;

  • 2016 a 2% fee increase
  • 2017 interim fee increases while the funding model redesign occurs;
    • 2.5% fee increase plus
    • 6.0% fee increase…………accumulated this means a 8.6% increase in the year 2017

A total of 10.6% increase in 2 years.

  • An extra $1million targeted to urgent areas of need e.g urgent urban locum relief, urgent travel
  • All College members can now be consulted throughout the redesign
  • Government support for formally evaluating the value of Midwifery and the costs related to undertaking this evaluation to be included in the budget bid for 2018
  • The consultation will start immediately. In fact a meeting in Wellington tonight (25 May 2017). Consultations will be held around the whole country and members will be advised of dates and places shortly.

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