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Message from The Midwifery Council re: late opening of APC applications.


Message from The Midwifery Council re: late opening of APC applications.

The issue that is preventing our opening applications is the workforce survey. As you will know from the Health Workforce NZ presentations , increasingly sophisticated workforce modelling is being carried out. We have been working with HWNZ to provide the high level data for this modelling which is critical to understanding midwifery workforce trends and exactly what we are facing with respect to projected shortages. This has proved quite complex and has required a lot of IT work between our website and database providers.

Opening applications now, with the changes to the survey not complete, would mean that the data would not be available until next APC round. So we have chosen to wait until the changes are complete.

We are very much hoping to have the changes completed and hopefully open applications on Wednesday 21 February. That still gives midwives 5 weeks to make their applications. This may mean that some midwives may not be in receipt of their APC cards until late March or early April. The midwives’ practising status will be clear in the online register or alternatively, they can print a screen shot of their practising status from their own log in on the website.

The Midpoint will have an update for midwives and the current message on the home page of the website will updated.