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Responses to the Wernham Paper

How did a paper that reported low level scientific evidence get more attention, and lead to such public questioning of the safety of New Zealand midwifery care, than 15 randomised controlled trials?

This is one of the questions raised by Professor Hannah Dahlen from the University of Western Sydney in her recent blog critiquing the Wernham paper. Her concerns are shared by Professor Sally Tracy of the University of Sydney and Professor Lesley McCowan of the University of Auckland who have responded by writing letters to the publishing journals editor and can be seen below.

Many organisations, both National and international also wrote statements providing support for midwives and the New Zealand maternity system.

Academic Responses

The Emperor’s new clothes: the politics of birth research

Professor Sally Tracy, University of Sydney

Professor Lesley McCowan, University of Auckland

Organisational Responses

Ministry of Health Confirms Doubts about Lawton Study Results

NZ DOCTOR Editorial 12th October 2016 - Babies and bathwater – keeping the perspective

Schools of Midwifery claim midwifery education world class

DHB Midwifery Leaders Media statement

Message to New Zealand Women and Midwives

NZCOM letter to members 30 September 2016

MERAS letter to members 30 September 2016

ACM responds to NZ study into maternity care, warns researchers not to confuse association with causation

Reassurance over safety of NZ maternity care

Overwhelming support from women

Positive response from Ministry Good News for Midwives, Mums and Babies

Study Supports Midwives’ Claims of Maternity Service Under Resourcing - 28 September 2016

John Maindonald, Statistics Research Associates Ltd

MOH Radio response

Improving Research into Models of Maternity Care to Inform Decision Making

Other Feedback

Are we OK, Mum? A deep dive into the state of maternity care in New Zealand

Oxfords Women's Health Facebook Comment

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