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Providing feedback

Your feedback is an important part of the Midwifery Review Process. Every woman is requested to complete a feedback form about the care she received. Click here to complete the form on-line.

Midwives appreciate you taking the time to fill out the anonymous Consumer Feedback form. No information identifying you is collected. Your feedback is for the midwife and the Midwifery Standards Review team – mothers and midwives trained to meet with the midwife to:

  • review her practice as a midwife according to the standards and Midwifery Council competencies

  • review and discuss her consumer feedback and statistics

  • reflect on and develop the midwife's professional development plan

Click here to complete or download the feedback form or see below for forms in other languages:

Feedback LMC - Maori

Feedback Core - Maori

Feedback LMC - Mandarin

Feedback Core - Mandarin

Feedback LMC and Core - Tongan

Feedback LMC and Core - Samoan

Please send the completed form to:

Midwifery Standards Review Administrator

PO Box 21 059, Edgeware

Christchurch 8143

or email nzcom@nzcom.org.nz

For women who are not happy with the care they have received from their midwife, the NZCOM offers a resolution process. This is a free service.