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The Joan Donley Midwifery Research Collaboration:

  • Provides liaison between the various pre-registration and post-registration midwifery education institutions to maintain an active and up-to-date database of midwifery student research activities

  • Develops and maintain a national database of completed midwifery research in New Zealand 

  • Promotes collaboration and facilitates liaison between midwifery researchers

  • Promotes and facilitates collaborative multi-disciplinary research projects between midwives and other organisations such as consumers, healthcare service providers and educational institutions

  • Encourages researchers to acknowledge any support received from the Joan Donley Midwifery Research Collaboration 

  • Encourages educational institutions and DHBs to recognise the benefit of collaboration with the JDMRC and consider ways to formalise this collaborative relationship

  • Develops and maintains a database of midwives qualified to supervise research and examine research at postgraduate level

  • Provides advice to NZCOM on research matters

  • Provides advice to midwife researchers on research issues and preparation of reports for publication in NZCOM Journal

  • Develops and updates JDMRC page on NZCOM website

  • Develops resources for midwife researchers in relation to sources of research funding

  • In collaboration with NZCOM run a biennial National Research Forum on the alternative year to the NZCOM Conference. This research forum is to support and promote postgraduate midwifery researchers, develop expertise, to support a research culture in DHB's and to provide a forum for developing robust research.

  • In collaboration with NZCOM continues development of the midwifery reference library as a resource for midwives 

  • Identifies research needs for midwifery and maternity in New Zealand and encourages researchers to undertake these projects

  • Advises on or manages NZCOM research grants

  • Employs researchers and undertakes research projects on behalf of NZCOM

  • Making funding applications

  • Undertaking contract work in relation to research or audit projects for other agencies

  • Facilitating collaborative international midwifery research

  • Collaborating with DHBs on research directions/activities

In the long term the Joan Donley Midwifery Research Collaboration aims to become a recognised focus for midwifery research in New Zealand.