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About the Journal

The New Zealand College of Midwives Journal is a blind peer-reviewed journal and the official publication of the New Zealand College of Midwives. The Journal focuses on midwifery issues and women’s health. It is provided as a membership benefit to all members of the College and has a wide readership, which includes New Zealand and overseas midwives, other health professionals, and New Zealand women and others with an interest or involvement in pregnancy and childbearing.

The philosophy of the Journal is:

  • To promote women’s health issues as they relate to childbearing women and their families

  • To promote the view of childbirth as a normal life event for the majority of women, and the midwifery professional’s role in effecting this

  • To provoke discussion of midwifery issues 

  • Support the development of New Zealand midwifery scholarship and research

  • To support the development and dissemination of New Zealand and international research into midwifery, and maternal and child health

The views and opinions expressed in the Journal are not necessarily those of the New Zealand College of Midwives.