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International Day of the Midwife 2017

Calling on New Zealand midwives on International Day of the Midwife

International Day of the Midwife (IDM) on 5 May has special significance for midwives and women in New Zealand this year. Midwives were forced to launch court action against the New Zealand government in 2015 seeking pay equity. The pay dispute is now in mediation. Meanwhile the under-resourcing in the country’s maternity system has been revealed by women complaining to the media that they have not received the care they expected but women have not blamed their midwives. They have rallied to support us, realising that improved funding and better hospital and service management are what is needed to fix the problem. New Zealand’s maternity system is internationally admired and midwives and women believe that it is vital to ensure it is safeguarded.

Women, families and midwives will meet in the grounds of the New Zealand Parliament on 5 May in support of midwifery and to publicise the issues that affect midwives and the women they care for. There will be similar events throughout the country (Midwives can contact their regional chairperson for details).

However New Zealand still has a lot to offer other international midwives and it is therefore important to share our positive stories of partnership with women with the world. You can do this by visiting ICM’s website below and contributing your uplifting midwife/ women stories and experiences of New Zealand midwifery.

IDM 2017 Activity: I believe in partnership

“This IDM we are inviting and encouraging midwives to share your views, photos, stories using the phrase "I believe in partnership" on all ICM information platforms as a celebration of the wonderful work that midwives do around the globe. When you share your stories and photos, make sure you include #IDM2017”

Celebrations in New Zealand

Midwives in New Zealand come together in their regions to celebrate the day with music, dance, quizzes and Kai, here are some images from previous years.