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The New Zealand College of Midwives (NZCOM) sets and actively promotes high standards for midwifery practice. The NZCOM assists midwives to meet these through involvement in midwifery education and the Midwifery Standards Review Process.

Midwifery Standards Review (MSR) is part of the Midwifery Council’s Recertification programme. All midwives in New Zealand have to undertake MSR (at the end of their first year of practice and thereafter two yearly), in order to hold an Annual Practising Certificate. The purpose of the review process is to assist midwives with their ongoing professional development by reflecting on their practice with midwives and consumer reviewers.

During the review consumer feedback is discussed and reflected on by the midwife and the review team. Your feedback is essential to this process and midwives appreciate you taking the time to complete the anonymous consumer feed back form. (These can be found under the resources section of this site or can be requested from your midwife.)

The Midwifery Standards Review is designed to help the midwife to:

  • maintain professional standards of practice

  • reflect on the partnership between women and midwives throughout the childbirth experience using the feedback received from women. (Consumer feedback forms provide women with the opportunity to provide feedback on the care they received. This information is used by the midwife and her reviewers during her review).

  • think about her work using the NZCOM Standards for Practice as the accepted guiding principles of midwifery care in New Zealand

  • demonstrate her commitment to ongoing professional development and accountability

  • examine her practice with midwifery peers and consumers of midwifery services.

For more information about Consumer Feedback Forms click here. To download the relevant form please click here.