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The following organisations and agencies provide support and information for woman and families. NZCOM is not liable for the contents of any external internet sites referenced, nor does it endorse any commercial product or service mentioned or advised on any of these sites. If you have any comments about the sites listed or would like to recommend a site to be listed here please e-mail web@nzcom.org.nz.

Find Your Midwife - www.findyourmidwife.co.nz

Find a Midwife in your area with the click of a mouse.

Regional maternity facilities - Find maternity facilities in your area

Maternity Services Consumer Council - www.maternity.org.nz

The Maternity Services Consumer Council is a consumer-based organisation made up of almost 100 community groups with an interest in the provision of maternity services. Our organisation acknowledges and respects the unique and independent nature of all its member groups. Membership of the MSCC is free and is open to community groups and individuals with an interest in maternity services.

La Leche League - www.lalecheleague.org

La Leche League provides help and support for breastfeeding mothers.  The organisation also has a wide range of reading material on breastfeeding.  Contact can be made either before or after your baby is born.

Parents Centres New Zealand Inc - www.parentscentre.org.nz

Parents Centres provide antenatal education programmes and support for new parents.  Contact their National Office to see if there is a centre in your area, or look on their website.

The Royal New Zealand Plunket Society Inc - www.plunket.org.nz

_The Plunket Society provides a range of well child health and family support services including:

  • home and clinic visits for health and developmental checks
  • health information and family support
  • parent support groups
  • Family Centres for mothers and young children experiencing difficulties._

Contact your nearest Plunket Clinic (in telephone book) for information, or the Plunket website. PlunketLine is a toll free telephone help line offering 24 hour health information and advice for families, parents, and caregivers with newborn babies to five year olds.

Home Birth Aotearoa - www.homebirth.org.nz

Home Birth Aotearoa is the national organisation representing the many local home birth associations throughout Aotearoa / New Zealand.  Home Birth Aotearoa supports and celebrates home birth.  Their website at provides birthing women and whanau with information about the home birth option as well as local association contacts, listings of home birth midwives, home birth stories and pictures, calendar of events and activities and links to many related home birth, pregnancy and parenting sites.

The National Council of Women of New Zealand (NCWNZ) - www.ncwnz.org.nz

The National Council of Women of New Zealand is the country's leading women's organisation, its' role is to improve opportunities and work for the welfare of women and families through research, information, representation and action.

Multiple Birth Association - www.multiples.org.nz

If you are expecting, or raising multiples, the NZMBA can help you by addressing the special and unique needs of families experiencing a multiple birth.

Paid Parental Leave and Parental Tax Credit - www.ird.govt.nz/childsupport/

White Ribbon Alliance - www.whiteribbonalliance.org

Every minute of every day, a woman dies of pregnancy related complications, totaling more than one half million women each year. We are here to change that. The White Ribbon Alliance is an international coalition bound together by a common goal: to ensure that pregnancy and childbirth are safe for all women and newborns in every country around the world.

Trauma And Birth Stress (TABS) -www.tabs.org.nz

Trauma And Birth Stress is a Charitable Trust that serves as a support group of mothers. We have in common stressful and traumatic pregnancies or births that affected our lives negatively for months or years afterwards. We formed TABS because of the need to make PTSD known as a form of mental illness that can happen following childbirth, but quite distinct from the Baby Blues, Post Natal Depression (Post Partum Depression) and Post Natal Psychosis.

Women's Refuge - www.womensrefuge.org.nz

Women's Refuge is New Zealand’s most significant domestic violence organisation. If you are living in fear in your relationship or in your family, or know someone who is, there are so many ways women's refuge can help you right now. Women's refuge warmly welcome all women of New Zealand and their children to free advice, emergency accommodation and confidential advocacy services provided by women.

SANDS - www.sands.org.nz

Sands New Zealand is a voluntary, parent-run, non-profit organisation set up to support parents and families who have experienced the death of a baby at any stage during pregnancy, as a baby or infant.

Miscarriage Support - www.miscarriagesupport.org.nz _This website offers support and information to all women who have experienced a loss at any stage of their pregnancy and for any reason, particularly miscarriage. It is the strength of the bond with your baby, not the pregnancy length that determines the intensity of your grief.

Mothers Matter - www.mothersmatter.co.nz

The Postnatal Depression Family/Whanau New Zealand Trust has developed the Mothers Matter website to support women who experience maternal mental health issues. The site is a wonderful resource for both consumers and health professionals alike. It contains a variety of information including fact sheets, referral agency and service contact details, relevant and up to date information about medications and treatments as well as self help strategies.  This site is highly recommended for midwives and women who are seeking more information about mental health issues related to motherhood.

Tapuaki - www.tapuaki.org.nz

TAHA Well Pacific Mother and Infant Service has developed a new pregnancy and parenting website and smartphone app designed to target Pacific families living in NZ, and to support them in their care of pregnant women, families and infants.

Adoption Option - www.adoptionoption.org.nz

Educating about adoption in New Zealand today.

Health Improvement and Innovation Resource Centre (HIIRC) - www.hiirc.org.nz

HIIRC offers a one-stop shop of trusted health information, latest research, and exemplars of best practice. It is a resource to help improve New Zealand’s health care system and includes an extensive Knowledge Library of research literature, directories of individuals and organisations, a range of improvement tools, and the latest news about events and projects.

National Screening Unit - www.nsu.govt.nz

This website has information on who the National Screening Unit are and what we do. You can find out about programmes and services and how to access them.

Brainwave Trust - www.brainwave.org.nz

Brainwave’s vision is that one day every child in New Zealand will get the best start in life because the whole community understands the impact that early experiences have on the developing brain and thus on the success of our society.

Bounty - www.bounty.co.nz

Bounty.co.nz is a free informational website for new parents and expectant parents, providing online information about your pregnancy, new born or toddler

Ministry of Women’s Affairs - www.mwa.govt.nz

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Te Minitatanga mō ngā Wāhine, is the Government’s principal adviser on achieving better outcomes for women in New Zealand. The Ministry has three priority areas: greater economic independence, more women in leadership and increased safety from violence.

Post Abortion Trauma Healing Service (P.A.T.H.S) - www.postabortionpaths.org.nz

P.A.T.H.S. provides a range of services for help after abortion, termination or pregnancy loss, to benefit those adversely affected, and those in relationship with them.

Woman's Health Action Trust - www.womens-health.org.nz

Women's Health Action is a charitable trust which aims to provide women with high quality information and education services to enable them to maintain their health and make informed choices about their health care.

Thrive Teen parent support trust - www.thrive.org.nz

Kia Ora, Talofa Lava, Kia Orana, Malo E Lelei and Welcome to Thrive Teen Parent Support Trust. Thrive is a non-profit organisation supporting teen parents to become confident and well secured with their tamariki, whanau and community as well as help to provide opportunities towards their future.

Parent Help - www.parenthelp.co.nz

Parent Help supports parents build resilient and strong whānau through our free Parenting Helpline 0800 568 856. The Helpline is available 9am – 9pm 7 days a week. We provide positive parenting strategies and practical advice on all parenting issues. The Helpline is anonymous, non-judgemental and confidential