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Media Release: College of Midwives Supports Call To Change ACCs Position On Severe Perineal Injuries

31st March, 2021

“It’s causing unnecessary suffering for women.”

That from the New Zealand College of Midwives which is strongly supporting calls for ACC to review its approach to cover for severe perineal injuries, saying the current position is too restrictive.

Media Release: Future Māori and Pasifika Midwifery Workforce Receives $6m Boost

30th March, 2021

30 March 2021 Future Māori and Pasifika Midwifery Workforce Receives $6m Boost The launch of a joint project between Aotearoa’s midwifery education providers and the Ministry of Health signals the beginning of a new chapter…

Media release: College Welcomes Unanimous Passing of Bereavement Leave for Miscarriage Bill

25th March, 2021

 The College commends the unanimous passing of the Bereavement Leave for Miscarriage Bill, which will grant mothers and their partners three days of bereavement leave following a miscarriage or stillbirth.

Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Aotearoa PADA Seminar Series

23rd March, 2021

Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Aotearoa invites you to the 2021 PADA Seminar Series For more information please click here.    

College Supports Midwives’ Union Filing In The Employment Relations Authority

10th March, 2021

The College of Midwives, the professional organisation for midwives in New Zealand, strongly supports MERAS filing in the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) over the DHBs’ decision to unilaterally exclude GPs as a potential comparator with midwives, as part of their pay equity claim for employed midwives (core midwives).

Midwives’ Union Challenging DHBs Excluding GPs As “Comparator” In Pay Equity Claim

10th March, 2021

MERAS has this week filed in the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) over the DHBs’ decision to unilaterally exclude general practitioners as a potential comparator in the process to resolve the union’s pay equity claim.

Redefining Rural Webinar February 2021

25th February, 2021

Geographic Classifications for Health and what this will mean for rural maternity services, women and midwives. Aotearoa currently lacks a fit for purpose rural/urban classification for health research and policy purposes, and the use of…

 Midwifery staffing at the CCDHB

18th February, 2021

The College acknowledges that the CCDHB has been working hard to resolve these staffing concerns, and that it supports and values its midwifery workforce. However, the current acute short staffing is indicative of a wider national midwifery workforce shortage, related to general under -valuing of women’s health, and specifically, under-resourcing within midwifery; from the undergraduate education programme through to the midwifery workforce.