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Midwifery Standards Review Process

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The Midwifery Standards Review (MSR) is a systematic process that enables the midwife, whatever her practice setting, to reflect on how she works using the Standards of Practice and Turanga Kaupapa as a guide. She then presents to two reviewers who assist her further in her reflections and in the development of a Professional Development Plan.

The two reviewers – a midwife and a consumer of midwifery services – have been specifically educated to provide reviews for the College. The MSR process reflects the midwifery profession’s partnership with women, as well as the requirement for the midwife to be professionally accountable to herself, the women for whom she cares and the profession.

MSR is educative, robust, supportive and challenging. By participating in MSR, a midwife demonstrates her commitment to her ongoing professional development.

MSR assists each midwife to reflect on her practice in several ways. The midwife:

  • considers her or her facility’s statistical data in relation to the standards of practice
  • considers and reflects on feedback from women for whom she provides midwifery care
  • considers and reflects on feedback from midwifery colleagues where possible
  • writes a self-assessment against the standards of practice in which all these activities are considered
  • comments on how well she has achieved the professional development goals set at her last review and how she has met the Midwifery Council requirements for recertification
  • considers future goals to be discussed and determined at the review.


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