Grants and subsidies

The College and Health Workforce New Zealand offer a number of Grants to assist midwives with their study and clinical experience.

Undergraduate Student Grants and Subsidised Membership

The College is offering a $70 subsidy for third year students who have been a paid up member of the College in their second year. All third year students who are eligible for this subsidy will pay a membership fee of $20 on renewal of their student membership in their final year of study. To confirm eligibility please contact membership@nzcom.org.nz

Postgraduate Study Grant Opportunities

Midwives who are engaged in formal postgraduate education (at Level 8 or above on the NZQA framework) are entitled to apply for a grant towards the cost of their postgraduate study. These grants are funded by Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) and are administered by the College to subsidise the cost of fees and travel.

Complex Care midwifery postgraduate education support

Complex care midwifery education is postgraduate level study which enables midwives to develop their clinical skills in specific areas of practice, relevant to their current work setting, or possible future areas of practice. It is formal postgraduate education which requires attendance at academic lectures, assignments and course work as well as clinical placements.

Rural midwifery student grant

Mary Garlick, a retired long standing rural midwife has generously granted a sum of money to the New Zealand College of Midwives to administer as an annual grant for midwifery students who intend to practise rurally on graduation.