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Midwifery practice in New Zealand is based on scientific, evidence-based research.

The New Zealand College of Midwives Research Strategy defines how the College can continue to support increasing levels of New Zealand midwifery research. The Research Strategy also provides a cohesive framework of priority areas for the College’s involvement in research studies.

Researchers and postgraduate students can apply to the College to:

  • access the College Midwifery Membership database (flowchart)
  • access the College/MMPO Midwifery Outcomes database (flowchart)

Key points of the Research Strategy:

  • Supporting normal birth
  • Supporting and promoting the Midwifery profession
  • Supporting the health of women, babies and family/whānau
  • Informing practice, policy and service development
  • Identify and develop topics for research in relation to midwifery practice within the four priority areas
  • Promote collaboration and facilitate liaison between midwifery researchers nationally and internationally
  • Facilitate collaborative researcher with multi-disciplinary groups/researchers
  • Utilise College publications to promote Aotearoa New Zealand midwifery research
  • Continue to publish MMPO reports, and use MMPO data to inform policy and service development
  • Increase analysis of MMPO data and use to inform practice
  • Support Aotearoa New Zealand midwives to publish