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Midwifery practice in Aotearoa New Zealand is evidence-informed, and underpinned by both qualitative and quantitative research.

The New Zealand College of Midwives Research Strategy defines how the College can continue to support increasing levels of New Zealand midwifery research. The Research Strategy also provides a cohesive framework of priority areas for the College’s involvement in research studies.

Researchers and postgraduate students can apply to the College to:

  • have research recruitment requests circulated to College members (see application)
  • have access to the College/MMPO Midwifery Outcomes database (see flowchart)

Key points of the Research Strategy:

  • Supporting normal birth
  • Supporting and promoting the Midwifery profession
  • Supporting the health of women, babies and family/whānau
  • Informing practice, policy and service development
  • Identify and develop topics for research in relation to midwifery practice within the four priority areas
  • Promote collaboration and facilitate liaison between midwifery researchers nationally and internationally
  • Facilitate collaborative researcher with multi-disciplinary groups/researchers
  • Utilise College publications to promote Aotearoa New Zealand midwifery research
  • Continue to publish MMPO reports, and use MMPO data to inform policy and service development
  • Increase analysis of MMPO data and use to inform practice
  • Support Aotearoa New Zealand midwives to publish