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Midwifery Standards Review


Midwifery Standards Review (MSR) is a unique quality assurance process developed by the College to reflect the partnership model of midwifery practice. MSR is a professional development process that supports midwives to reflect on their individual midwifery practice in a formal manner, with the assistance of specially educated reviewers. Midwives work with the reviewers to reflect on their midwifery practice and identify a professional development plan.

Midwifery Standards Review is designed to help the midwife to:

  • maintain professional standards of practice
  • reflect on the partnership between wāhine and midwives throughout the childbirth experience using the feedback received from wāhine. Consumer feedback forms provide wāhine with the opportunity to provide feedback on the care they received. This information is used by the midwife and reviewers during the review.
  • reflect on their work using the College Standards of Midwifery Practice and Turanga Kaupapa as the accepted guiding principles of midwifery care in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional development and accountability
  • examine their practice with midwifery peers and consumers of midwifery services.

The College has produced a booklet ‘Midwifery Standards Review Handbook’ to assist and guide midwives through the review process. The Midwifery Standards review booklets are available to order through the College shop.