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The New Zealand Midwifery Research Database provides easy access to research that adds to the knowledge of midwifery care, and supports evidence-based midwifery practice, within a New Zealand context.

Authors are encouraged to submit details of their own completed research (papers, articles, theses, books, book chapters) to the database by completing the online submission form.

Instructions for submission form:

  • Please complete all relevant fields.
  • Please enter authors one at a time in this format:
    • surname, then initial of first name (e.g. Smith, J.), then click “Add Author”
  • Under “Publication”, for published research please enter the name of the journal in full. If submitting a thesis, please indicate whether it is a Master’s or a PhD thesis, and the name of the university or educational institute.
  • Please enter each keyword one at a time, and click “Add Keyword”
  • At least one of the following fields must be completed:
    • enter a URL link, and/or
    • upload a PDF of your research, and/or
    • enter the DOI

Please note:

  1. The database administrator will review the details of your submission before it is made publicly available.
  2. Please do not submit papers that are published in the New Zealand College of Midwives Journal, as the College automatically uploads these.
  3. The College only accepts database submissions that support its strategic principles and that do not undermine midwifery practice in New Zealand nor bring midwifery into disrepute.

To submit a completed piece of research, please click here.