Safety check renewal

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The children’s worker safety check is a legislative requirement of the Vulnerable Children Act 2014. All midwives are classed as core children’s workers whether employed or self-employed, and are required to complete a safety check that complies with the legislation. A safety check is required every 3 years. This is a requirement for making claims with the Ministry under the Notice, as well as a legal requirement for providing primary maternity services.

If you are employed, your employer is responsible for ensuring the Safety Check requirements have been met.

If you are self-employed in order to maintain an ongoing authorisation to claim for services provided under the Notice, a safety check must be renewed every three years, prior to its expiration. If you are currently authorised to claim under the Primary Maternity Services Notice (and therefore will have a current safety check) you are required to complete the ‘Existing Children’s Worker: Accredited’ Safety Check before your current certificate expires.  It is a midwife’s responsibility to get her renewal process initiated early, to make sure there is no gap between the expiry of the previous safety check and the beginning of the new one.

Authorisation to claim under the Notice will be invalidated if a safety check lapses. It can take up to 6 weeks for a safety check to be completed so it is essential to initiate the process early.

If you are a midwife who is, or has been employed during the past 3 years you may have had a safety check completed through your employer, in which case, you can ask them to complete the Employee verification form.

The Ministry has some specific advice on renewing a safety check on its website. This can be found this at https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/health-workforce/childrens-worker-safety-checking-and-child-protection-policies/safety-checks-primary-maternity-service-providers, under the heading ‘Renewing a safety check’ or by searching ‘Renewing a safety check’ on the Ministry’s website (www.health.govt.nz).

If anyone is unsure of when their safety check expires, they should check their records, or they can contact the Ministry by phone (0800 855 066, select option 2) or email (customerservice@health.govt.nz)

If you have had a check completed previously through CV Check, you can go directly to the CV Check website at cvcheck.com/nz and log into your account to initiate a renewal by completing the ‘Existing Children’s Worker Accredited’ Safety Check.

Navigating the CV Check website

Select ‘Choose your Checks’ then select the tab at the top called ‘Bundle Packages’. This will bring up a list of options relevant to midwives. For renewals, choose ‘Children’s Worker Safety Check RENEWAL: Accredited’.

If you need any help ordering/completing your check please get in touch with CVCheck’s customer service team on 0800 282 432.