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Midwifery News

Midwifery News is a quarterly publication mailed directly to all members of the College in March, June, September and December each year.

Midwifery News includes articles from the College Chief Executive and the College’s Midwifery Advisors, as well as midwives around the country. It informs members of practice advice, political activity and events and activities throughout New Zealand.

June 2018 Issue 89

• Why midwives must stick together

• How to take a holiday - a midwife's tale

• College education workshops

March 2018 Issue 88

• The joy of birthing at home

• 'Dear David' midwives' messages

• Crisis in midwifery services

December 2017 Issue 87

• Normal birth in primary units - an indisputable case

• MMPO marks 20 years supporting midwives

• Tribute to the late Bernard McIlhone