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What does your NZCOM membership cover?

Our membership fees help to ensure the ongoing integrity, quality and success of midwifery services throughout New Zealand. This happens on three distinct levels.


  • Acting as the leading voice on all matters related to midwifery
  • Continually assessing and providing strategic direction
  • Active involvement in education, research and related studies
  • Promoting, reviewing and maintaining quality professional standards
  • Extensive interaction with our membership base, DHBs and government
  • Providing a comprehensive, national Resolutions Committee for midwives and women
  • Protecting the gains that New Zealand midwifery has made for midwives, women and their families through media and public education


  • Actively supporting our regional midwifery branches and local midwifery communities 
  • Financial support in the form of monthly capitations (20% of NZCOM memberships received from the region)


  • Free access to professional and clinical advice
  • Reduced Midwifery Standards Review fee
  • Free or reduced workshop and education fees
  • Free access to legal services and administrative support
  • Provision of underwritten professional indemnity insurance cover if and when required
  • Free copies of the Midwifery News (four issues per annum) and the Annual Midwifery Journal
  • Access to member discounts on publication orders

Furthermore, as a member of the College you have the opportunity to contribute to all the representations the College makes to government, health organisations, consumer groups and the public. The College encourages and values individual member input very highly. You can also take an active role in supporting your local and regional midwifery community including joining with consumers and their organisations to support initiatives that enhance the lives of mothers and babies.

The annual membership fees have been the same for 12 years and are inclusive of 15% GST payable to Inland Revenue Department.

For Membership enquiries contact the Membership Administrator

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