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Budget Announcement Disappointing Budget Day Research: graduate care is excellent
MERAS represents employed midwives Media Statement - 14 March 2018 IWD Campaign 2018
Union calls for action over crisis MOH Influenza and Pertussis update Re: Late opening of APC applications
Media Release: Midwives in Crisis Voluntary Bonding Scheme Resumption of BCG Vaccination advice
Safety Checking requirements Paid parental leave extension Prescribing Reminder and Medsafe Alert
IV iron therapy in the community ICM Position statements passed in 2017 Transport of newborn blood spot samples
Kate Gilmour on human rights at ICM Drug resistant infections RNZ - Alison Eddy discusses pay equity
Immunisation Schedule Changes $8m pay rise for community midwives Pay equity is a global issue
Seven Sharp with Te Anau's last midwife Historic win for Midwives Mediation Win: letter to members
New Film celebrating midwives globally Letter from MOH re: 2.5% increase International Day of the Midwife 2017
IDM Plans, letter to members Latest mediation update Ministry for Vulnerable Children
Midwives, overworked & under-resourced Midwives. Who needs them? Midwife shortage - yes there is a problem
Shortage of Midwives Radio NZ Interview Yes We Care NZCOM MOH Mediation Statement
Influenza vaccine in pharmacies International Women's Day Statement Immunisation update February 2017
Treat her Right Campaign launched Prue Hyman talks about pay equity New era of inter-disciplinary collaboration
Sally Pairman talks about her new role Feedback forms now available on-line Beloved Kaumatua has passed away
SmartStart for New Parents First baby born since earthquake NZ DOCTOR Editorial 12th October 2016
Midwifery education world class NZCOM letter to members MERAS letter to members
Academic urges caution re study ACM responds to NZ maternity study Reassurance over safety of NZ maternity care
Overwhelming support from women Positive response from Ministry Media release 28 September 2016
Midwives heading to mediation Safety Check, Vulnerable Children's Act Clarification over ambulance charges