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I am unsure as to which NZCOM region I belong to

Click here for more details about your region

I am unsure as to which membership category I should apply for

Click here for descriptions of each membership category

I have just joined the college for the first time but haven't heard anything back

Memberships are activated once the first payment is received, if you pay by internet banking, installment automatic payment or salary deduction there will be a delay while your payments are processed.

I can't pay the full amount, what should I do?

Selected membership types have payment options available click here for details.

I am a new graduate midwife, do I need to advise the College I am about to start practicing?

Yes, you need to advise the College that you are changing your membership category. The category of your membership enables us to have the appropriate level of Indemnity Cover.

I am a new graduate midwife, how much should I pay?

New Grads entitled to 25% discount for their first year as practicing Midwives. This applies from the date you passed your exams, or were fully registered.

My gross income is currently less than $25,000 per year. How do I claim the 25% reduction in membership fees?

You will need to provide evidence of your income by sending in a photocopy of your Summary of Earnings for the most recently financial year or a letter from your accountant.

What Payment Methods are available?

  • Cheque: full amount only, cheques payable to NZCOM

  • Internet Banking: for the full amount, lump sum, arrears or first installment payments: NZCOM Membership, Account No: 12-3191-0008921-01, please use your membership number as a reference

  • Automatic payment: fortnightly or monthly installments. Payments must be set up by you with your own bank. Bank account details as above

  • Deduction from Salary: fortnightly or monthly installments. Please request this through your own Pay Office Click here to download salary deduction form

  • Credit card: full amount only - Visa, visa debit and Mastercard. For electronic registrations please call us with your card details to process payment. For paper renewals; please enter details on the membership form - we will call you for the CVV code before the payment can be processed

Please note we do not have EFTPOS or Direct Debit facilities.

Will I get a receipt once I have paid my membership fee?

You automatically get a receipt when you pay your membership fee by cash, cheque or credit card. If you pay by automatic payment or salary deduction then you will can print your own copy from the Members Portal.

Do I have to renew my membership each year?

Yes, we will automatically send you a renewal notice six weeks before your membership is due to expire. You must complete the renewal notice and return to NZCOM before expiry. NB: You can select how we send this to you under 'Your Notifications' in the Members Portal.

Do I need to notify you that I have changed my membership category/employment status?

Yes, your employment status dictates your membership fee and appropriate indemnity insurance coverage.

I am going on Maternity leave, what should I do with my membership?

Members can change to Non-practicing membership for the maternity leave period, additional information is required please contact the Membership Administrator or phone (03) 372 9738.

How do I login to the Members Portal?

Click here to download the login instructions.

How do I print a copy of my indemnity certificate and membership receipt from the Members Portal?

Once you have logged into the members area, click the Indemnity forms button. Select the relevant renewal period and click Print. Please note the indemnity is only valid if all payments are up to date.

How can I view transactions on my membership?

Once you have logged into the members area, click Your Details, then NZCOM Membership. At the bottom of the page click View all Payments. You can also print your membership receipt / indemnity certificate from this view.

I am going overseas for a year, what should I do with my membership?

Members can change to Overseas membership for the period they are away - additional information is required please contact the Membership Administrator or phone (03) 372 9738. NB: overseas membership is correspondence only, no indemnity cover is included with this membership. Alternatively, you can change to Non-Practicing if you are going on an extended holiday, or if you wish to stop all correspondence while you are away, you can cancel your membership until you return.

I paid last year’s membership by installment automatic payments, do I have to do anything this year?

No. If your membership category has not changed (and the membership fee is still the same) then you can allow the automatic payments to continue. However, you still need to complete and return the renewal notice with your current details.

I have missed a few payments toward my membership, what do I do?

Please contact the Membership Administrator or phone (03) 372 9738 immediately. Missing payment may affect your Indemnity Insurance and you may invalidate your cover.

I have just realised that I have been paying the wrong amount. What do I do?

It is a member’s responsibility to ensure they are paying the correct membership fee. If paying by automatic payment or salary deduction you will need to advise your bank or Pay Office to change the amount as we can not do this for you. If you think you are in arrears; or are concerned about your membership status please contact the Membership Administrator or phone (03) 372 9738.

Why have I received an overdue notice?

This means your membership fees are in arrears. You will need to complete the renewal notice and return it to the College. Gaps in your payment history could affect your Professional Indemnity cover for more information about personal indemnity insurance click here.

How do I advise NZCOM that I have changed my contact details?

Return your renewal notice with the undated information. Alternatively you can log in to the Members Portal at any time and update these details yourself.

I am not receiving NZCOM correspondence by email

Please check junk filters, particularly with hotmail addresses. If you continue to have problems please contact the Membership Administrator, or phone (03) 372 9738.

How do I resign from the College?

To resign from the College you need to notify the College in writing as soon as possible.

How do I join MERAS?

You can only join MERAS if you are a current member of NZCOM and employed in a hospital. To join you need to contact the Membership Administrator at or phone (03) 372 9738. Please refer to the MERAS Membership FAQs for further information.

How do I join MMPO?

To be a member of MMPO you must be a current member of NZCOM. For information on how to join visit the website or call 03 377 2485