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The Midwifery News is a quarterly publication produced in March, June, September and December. A complimentary copy of the magazine style newsletter is sent to all members of the New Zealand College of Midwives every quarter and is available to purchase for non-members.

March 2018

The joy of birthing at home

"Dear David" Midwives' messages

Crisis in Midwifery Services

Home birth - a public heath matter

December 2017

The indisputable case for normal birth in our primary units

MMPO marks 20 years supporting midwives

Tribute to the late Bernard McIlhone

September 2017

Midwives of the world united

Towards a new funding model for LMCs

Research priorities for midwifery

June 2017

Core midwifery in Crisis

Historic win for midwives

College's new Kuia

March 2017

Working together to protect core values

Guide to 2017 workshops

Midwives and emotional wellbeing

Tribute to Mina Timutimu

December 2016

Celebrating relationships that sustain midwifery

Building alliances to strengthen maternity services

Consumer feedback goes online

How primary units support midwifery

September 2016

Staking our claim for pay equity

Meet the National Committee

Conference 2016 "Stand as one"

June 2016

Why midwives matter in postnatal care

Midwifery and politics

International Day of the Midwife

March 2016

Celebrating Mina Timutimu the first Maori midwife to be made a member of the NZ Order of Merit

Caring for refugee women

A day in the life of a core midwife