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  • Place of birth and outcomes for a cohort of low risk women in New ...

    differences between planned birth place setting, neonatal outcomes and transfer
    rates for a cohort of low risk New Zealand women and compared these findings ...

  • May 2011

    continue to be able to choose their place of birth and that primary maternity units
    are available to them. This may be particularly important for indigenous NZ ...

  • Booking guideline

    When the LMC 'books' a woman into a maternity facility for labour and birth
    services. ... The place of birth may or may not be decided at this initial visit.
    However ...

  • New NICE Guidelines

    Using evidence from the Birth Place England study (Birthplace in England
    Collaborative Group, 2011) the NICE guidelines state that women who plan to
    give ...

  • Pasifika women's choice of birthplace

    home; it was a place they knew; and it was where they preferred to give birth. The
    Pasifika women's understanding of choice of birthplace was influenced by their ...

  • Normal Birth

    The underlying assumption in supporting normal birth is: ... When keeping birth
    normal, midwifery care needs to be informed by evidence, and ... Place of birth.

  • The safety-net: what influences New Zealand first-time mothers ...

    Background: Pregnancy, labour and birth are times when a mother wants to
    ensure both her, and ..... the hospital was the safest place to give birth: I was
    actually ...

  • Midwifery

    place of birth from the USA, UK and NZ are included. ... whose planned place of
    birth was an alongside midwifery unit or an obstetric unit (11.3%, 22.7% and ...

  • June 2012

    useful for the New Zealand/Aotearoa maternity context. Method: Five databases
    were searched using the search terms: place of birth, midwife-led, primary unit, ...


    Place of birth. Women who chose to birth in the Unit were all supported by their
    midwives, and were confident to give birth in a “low-tech” environment. The Unit.