Write for the Journal

Many gems of well-crafted theses, with unique insights into midwifery practice and women’s birth experiences, lie forgotten on shelves, never to see the light of day… So, if you have completed a research project, or a thesis, and have not yet published the outcomes, we hope this article will inspire you to do so.

Patterson & Gilkison, 2020, p.13

When considering writing a manuscript for publication, getting started can be the hardest part.

But if you have written a dissertation or thesis, or are passionate about a topic you have been studying, the groundwork has already begun.

The next step is to craft your knowledge into an article. Our tips for authors (see below) can support you to:

  • Develop an article from your dissertation, thesis or research findings
  • Build a compelling argument
  • Overcome writing roadblocks
  • Prepare your article for publication

Sharing your findings is invaluable for your colleagues and the wider international midwifery community, so we encourage you to write an article and submit it to the Journal.