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Birth Notices Online from 21 February

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No more faxes, use Birth Notices Online now

Faxing birth notifications is costly and unreliable, so Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) are moving to an online method.

Midwives and hospitals are required to provide preliminary notice of birth information to Births, Deaths and Marriages within five working days after the baby’s birth.

From 21 February 2020, all birth notices need to be submitted via Birth Notices Online. In earlier communications we scheduled this for 30 June, but we have had to move the date forward due to our office moving to a new building. Birth notices by fax, post or email will no longer be accepted by Births, Deaths and Marriages.

If you have yet to sign up for Birth Notices Online –  BDM can help.

Birth Notices Online is the fastest and most reliable way to notify births. There are several benefits to using Birth Notices Online:

  • Secure – it’s the most secure way to send us sensitive information and ensure privacy
  • Timely – we can receive and match birth registrations with birth notices more quickly, making it easier for parents to access services and entitlements sooner
  • Convenient – you can submit changes to birth notices online anytime
  • Reliable – the online system is robust and well supported

Most midwives and hospitals have been quick to adopt Birth Notices Online, if you’re not already notifying births online – it’s time to get set up!

Contact DIA today for help with online set up. Email your contact details to onlinesupport@dia.govt.nz