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CE Alison Eddy elected to ICM Board

ICM newly elected board

Introducing the Newly Elected ICM Board: A Commitment to Progress and Global Collaboration

The International Confederation of Midwives is proud to introduce its newly elected Board. Led by newly elected President, Sandra Oyarzo Torres, the Board stands ready to champion the cause of midwifery and lead us into an era of progress, innovation, and improved maternal and newborn health outcomes. With great anticipation and enthusiasm, we embark on a new chapter, fortified by the infusion of fresh perspectives that our newly elected members bring to the forefront of the midwifery profession.

ICM 2023-26 Board Members

  • Andrew Otiko, ICM Treasurer
  • Olive Tengera, Regional Board Member, Africa Region
  • Samara Ferrara, Regional Board Member, Americas Region
  • Farida Shah, Regional Board Member, Eastern Mediterranean Region
  • Lia Brigante, Regional Board Member, European Region
  • Laxmi Tamang, Regional Board Member, Southeast Asia Region
  • Alison Eddy, Regional Board Member, Western Pacific Region

The newly elected Board stands as a testament to the commitment to professionalism and transparency within our organisation. Through the implementation of the Independent Election Committee (IEC), the election process was conducted with the utmost integrity, ensuring that competency and merit were the guiding principles in selecting our new Board members. The IEC facilitated a fair and impartial assessment of candidates, evaluating their qualifications, experience, and dedication to the midwifery profession. As a result, the composition of the new Board reflects a diverse group of individuals who have demonstrated exceptional expertise and a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing midwifery today. We express our sincere gratitude to the IEC for their diligent work in upholding the principles of fairness and accountability, allowing us to form a Board that is well-equipped to drive positive change and advance the midwifery profession on a global scale.

In a remarkable transition towards a more collaborative and streamlined approach, the newly elected Board for the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) embraces a smaller size as part of our commitment to effective regional support. Reflecting our vision of fostering closer ties and enhanced communication between the ICM Head Office Staff and our global regions, each ICM Region now has one elected Board representative. This structural adjustment enables a more focused and efficient response to regional issues, challenges, and support requirements. The elected representatives will work hand in hand with the Head Office Regional Teams and Regional Professional Committees, forming strong partnerships to address the unique needs of each region and drive impactful change within local midwifery communities. This transformative approach enhances the Board’s ability to provide targeted guidance and resources, ensuring that regional voices are heard and that the midwifery profession thrives on both a global and regional scale. By nurturing this collaborative relationship, we aim to amplify the impact of our collective efforts, empower regional stakeholders, and deliver positive outcomes for midwives, mothers, and newborns worldwide.

As we transition into this new era, we firmly believe that the infusion of fresh perspectives will invigorate our organization and propel the midwifery profession to new heights. The new Board brings an exciting blend of visionary thinking, technological acumen, and a deep understanding of the evolving needs of the global midwife community. Their collective expertise and diverse backgrounds will enable us to forge ahead, embracing the challenges and opportunities that lie in the future.

We congratulate and express our deepest gratitude to our former Board and our beloved President Dr. Franka Cadée for their extraordinary contributions and dedicated service to ICM’s mission over the past triennium. Their unwavering efforts have laid a solid foundation for progress, and we acknowledge their achievements with profound appreciation.

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