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Member communication 20 August 2021

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Kia ora koutou members,

Once again I want to thank and acknowledge all midwives who are working to ensure that essential maternity services continue to be available to women and whānau during this time. I want to particularly acknowledge Auckland midwives, hospital and community based, who are yet again working where the centre of the current outbreak is. The College remains in close contact with Midwifery Leaders, Ministry of Health, MERAS and regional College chairs to ensure members have the information and support they need at this time.

  1. Covid support and advice over the weekend.  The College will not be sending email member communication over the weekend, but the staff are available for queries and support as needed. Please use the covid-19@nzcom.org.nz email address if you have any urgent Covid related queries over the weekend.   Please include a contact phone number in your email as it may be easier for an advisor to respond to your query by phone.
  2. Awhina app. The Ministry of Health Awhina app provides notifications on up to date Ministry advice, case numbers  and other relevant information. https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/covid-19-information-health-professionals/covid-19-awhina-app Members are encouraged to download the app for up to date information.
  3. PPE advice. We are expecting updated Ministry of Health advice on maternity related PPE use to be published imminently. At the time of sending this email the updated advice was not available. Please check the Ministry of Health website.
  4. Covid advice line. On Wednesday we notified members that the Covid clinician line 0800 177 622 was available for midwives to clarify concerns related to their own Covid status or Covid symptoms. We have since clarified with the Ministry of Health that this line is intended for clinicians to seek advice about client care – not their own wellbeing. Midwives need to call the Covid Healthline 0800 358 5453 or their own general practice for advice about their own Covid status.
  5. Locum cover. If LMCs need locum cover for COVID-19 self-isolation or other reasons over the weekend, please make arrangements with your practice partners to provide cover, and lodge your request through the Rural or Urban tab in the College Portal. The locum service will contact you on Monday to follow up. If you have any urgent queries about locum cover over the weekend  contact the College on the covid-19@nzcom.org.nz email address.
  6. Student midwives:  The College has been notified by the MOH regarding students on clinical placements during the current lockdown. The Ministry acknowledges that each education institution has ultimate responsibility for their students’ welfare and that placement providers determine whether or not they continue to provide placements to students.  Midwifery Schools have been in contact with their local DHB re student midwives in placements within the DHB LMC midwives who are supporting  students are advised to contact their local Schools of Midwifery if you are unsure and/or have not already been contacted. All midwifery students will have been informed by their relevant School of Midwifery about the guidance from their institution, local placement providers and the MOH. Any questions or queries please contact your local Midwifery School.   Further information can be found by visitinghttps://www.midwife.org.nz/news/students-completing-training-placements-or-assessments-during-covid-19/