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Latest guidance on COVID-19 testing for the health sector 16 November – 6 December

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For the period 16 November – 6 December, we’ll continue to focus our testing efforts on testing all people with symptoms of COVID-19 in all regions.

This includes a focus on testing:

–       regions/groups that have been underrepresented in recent data, in particular Māori communities

–       targeted geographic locations, to ensure access for communities and in specific areas related to cases (e.g. Auckland) or settings with target populations

–       at the border, including testing border workers and those in managed isolation and quarantine facilities.

In addition to this, we are encouraging anyone with cold or flu symptoms to get a test and stay at home until they have a negative test result, in Auckland and the rest of New Zealand.

This has now been clarified on our website, which previously advised self-isolation.

There are some locations of interest in the Auckland CDB and in central Wellington, relating to the latest cases, and we have asked anyone who was at these any of locations between 3 November and 12 November inclusive to get a test, regardless of whether they have any symptoms. This is an enhanced surveillance tactic to ensure we are not missing any cases who may be asymptomatic.

Further information is available on the Ministry’s website or the Auckland Regional Public Health Service website.

Testing numbers have remained consistent and we anticipate this to continue, with a minimum of 30,000 and potentially up to 40,000 tests per week, including the mandatory border testing.

The full current advice for 16 November – 6 December is available here.

As always, the assessment and testing for COVID-19 is at no cost to individuals.


Thank you again for the important part you play in supporting the health and well-being of New Zealanders. We appreciate your continued partnership in our response.