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Pay negotiations

Wellington Christine Griffiths

This page sets out information relating to pay negotiations and associated processes for both employed and self-employed midwives.

Although employed and self-employed midwives are paid through different mechanisms, the pay and working conditions of each group are inter-related. Midwives have a choice of work setting and it is essential that pay issues for each group are considered in the context of the entire profession.

Employed midwives

MERAS the Midwives Union negotiates pay and conditions on behalf of employed midwife members through collective contract agreements. MERAS is currently in the process of negotiating with the DHBs for the Multi-Employer Collective Agreement (MECA) for DHB employed midwives.

MERAS has also lodged pay equity claim on behalf of its DHB employed members. Further information about the claim can be accessed here


MECA and Pay Equity update 26/4/19

Signed Midwifery Accord

Signed Terms of Reference Midwives pay equity claim for MERAS and NZNO 19/3/19 

MERAS MECA proposed settlement flyer 2/4/19

MERAS update 1/3/19

MERAS update re: facilitation 15/01/19

MERAS update 24/12/18

MERAS DHBs MECA newsletter update 18/10/18

Further information about MERAS and its work to support employed midwives can be found on the MERAS website

The College works closely with and in support of MERAS in its work to achieve  pay equity and  improved working conditions and recognition for employed midwives.

Self-employed midwives

The College acknowledges to members the years of difficulties caused by the inaction of successive governments in response to community midwife pay issues. This has had an ongoing effect on the midwifery profession, resulting in workforce shortages and loss of morale.

Lack of funding increases in the Section 88 Notice over a number of years led the College to make a claim in the High Court against the Ministry of Health in August 2015, alleging discrimination against midwives on the basis of gender. The information and documents on this page set out the events that have occurred since that time, including progress towards developing a new funding model to replace Section 88.

Link to Ministry of Health website which contains co-design recommendations and reports

Mediation Public Statements

August 2016

November 2016

September 2017

April 2017

May 2017

January 2019

At the College conference in Rotorua, Keriana Brooking, Ministry of Health Deputy Director of Service Commissioning was a member of the panel discussion “Seeking equity for midwifery”. Her speech included an apology to the College and the profession for the way in which the Ministry had responded to the co-design work. Click here to read Keriana’s speech or to hear the panel discussion.

Progress Update