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Current issue: In progress

Birth under restrictions: Exploring women’s experiences of maternity care in Aotearoa New Zealand during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020 Dixon, L.,  Jackson, T., Tamati-Elliffe, J., McAra-Couper, J., Griffiths, C., Miller, S., & Gilkison, A. Download PDF
Women’s knowledge, attitudes and access to vaccines in pregnancy: A South Auckland study Priday, A., Clemons, J., Krishnan, T., Gillard-Tito, S., Fielder, A., & McAra-Couper, J. Download PDF
Uncertainty and flexibility: Midwifery students’ experience during the COVID-19 pandemic in Aotearoa New Zealand Jackson, T., Gilkison, A., McAra-Couper, J., Miller, S., Dixon, L., Tamati-Elliffe, J., & Griffiths, C. Download PDF