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Editorial: Consumer representation on the editorial board Dixon, L., Neely, E., Martis, R. Download PDF
Singleton breech presentation at term: Review of the evidence and international guidelines for application to the New Zealand context Dixon, L., Gray, E., MacDonald, C., Gullam, J., & Powell, R. Download PDF
Pasifika women’s choice of birthplace McAra-Couper, J., Farry, A., Marsters, N., Otukolo, D., Clemons, J., & Smythe, L. Download PDF
Effects of cervical excisional procedures for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia on pregnancy and birth: A literature review Hay, R; Patterson, J Download PDF
Health policy and its unintended consequences for midwife-woman partnerships: Is normal pregnancy at risk when the BMI measure is used? Knox, S; Crowther, S; McAra-Couper, J; Gilkison, A Download PDF
Is hiesho in pregnant women a risk factor for postpartum haemorrhage? Nakamura, S; Horiuchi, S Download PDF
Pasifika student experience in a Bachelor of Midwifery programme Beatson, D; Seiuli, A; Patterson, J; Griffiths, C; Wilson, K Download PDF
Recognising and responding to acutely deteriorating women in New Zealand maternity wards: A literature and environmental scan Dann, L; Hill, J Download PDF
Developing confidence in competence: My experience of the Midwifery First Year of Practice programme Chapman, A Download PDF